Sleepy Hollow Theatre Invites Students Age 8 and up (through college age) to audition for our 2013 summer season. 

We are very excited about this year because we will be performing on a brand new stage with a professional orchestra pit. We will be celebrating the use of this new stage with these 2 amazing musicals, Fairy Tale theatre, and Rising Stars. 

Performance Opportunities:

Little Mermaid Jr. (Musical, acting, singing, dancing, main stage)

Les Miserables (Musical, acting, singing, dancing, main stage)

Fairy Tale Theatre "Cinderella" (non-musical, acting, touring show)

Rising Stars "Disney Spectacular" (pre-show to performances of Little Mermaid, singing, dancing, great for beginning students)

Sleepy Hollow is proud to present the regional premiere of Walt Disney's "Little Mermaid Jr." For those of you who are confused what the "Junior" part of it means, do not worry. The version we are doing has all of the amazing songs from the classic film and some of the additional Broadway tunes. The main reason it is called "junior" is that it is meant to be performed but students your age instead of adults. Our production of Little Mermaid will have people swimming in their seats as we dance and sing. This musical will have amazing costumes, hair and make-up with exciting bright colors and so many different types of fish. 

We will also be reviving one of our favorite musicals, Les Miserables. You have seen it now in the movies, but just you wait to see what we have planned live in the hollow this summer! This triumphant score is both challenging and rewarding to learn. This musical is about all of the things we strive for, LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, HONOR, DREAMS, AND HOPE. 

Under the Direction of Amy Driscoll, Fairy Tale Theatre is back for its 2nd season with a non-musical production of "Cinderella." The actors cast in this play will help evolve the script, staging, costumes and set. This play will tour throughout the Bismarck/Mandan area to schools, day-cares, nursing homes, etc. Please indicate on your audition sheet if you would be interested in this fun performance group!

Rising Stars is a wonderful way to get acquainted with performing. This group will be doing an awesome 20 minute Medley of classic Disney songs before every performance of Little Mermaid. As part of this ensemble, you will get a solo, learn to be comfortable performing in front of an audience, learn to dance, and have TONS of fun. This group is ideal for new students.

Auditions will be held at Century High School Thursday March 14- Saturday March 16th. 

Information Meeting/ register for audition time: Thursday March 14 4:00pm CHS Auditorium

Audition times will be available 

Thursday 5:30-7
Friday 3:30-7
Saturday 10am-5pm

Please contact if for some reason you can not make any of the audition times.

What to Wear: Dress For Success! Always look your best for an audition. . .

What to Sing: 

If auditioning for Mermaid, please bring a song to sing that has similar qualities to those in the show (light, bouncy, happy) Think of your favorite character and pick a song that seems like something they would love. Any Disney song would work just fine!

If auditioning for Les Miserables, please sing something to showcase your vocal range. If you are a soprano please sing something in soprano register. Ideally, appropriate audition pieces would have the same classical influence that the score to Les Mis does. Again, really think about the character you are auditioning for and select an audition song with similar range/mood. Also, feel free to sing classical songs that you are working on for contest or in voice lessons. 

If you are auditioning for both shows you are welcome to sing 2 song cuttings since the shows are so musically different. However, you are only required to prepare 1 song. 

(for advanced students) Remember: On stage we never just sing. . . we also ACT. . . do not forget to act your song in the audition, share a story with us through your audition song. Take us on a journey. 

What to Say:

When you walk into the audition room, give your music to the piano player and then greet the room. . . 

"Hello my name is ___________, Today, I will be singing ____________"

If you would like to prepare a short monologue it is much appreciated! 
Particularly if you are auditioning to be part of Fairy Tale Theatre which is NON-musical. 

An accompanist will be provided so please bring a copy of sheet music for your audition song. 

If you are a new student and you do not know what to sing. . . do not be scared. You are welcome to come into the room and sing a simple song 

"My Country Tis of Thee"
"Happy Birthday"
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

I promise we are not scary people and we will do everything we can to make the audition a pleasant experience for all students.