Arts Education Opportunities:

We at Sleepy Hollow passionately believe in Education.

* OUR REGISTRATION for 2018 will open SOON!!!


Here are some of the opportunities:

1)Classes in the Arts for All Ages:

                  -Visual Arts Classes for all ages.

2) SH Elementary School Camp:

                   -Going into 1st grade all the way going into 5th

3) SH Middle School Revue Camp:

                    -Going into 6th through 8th

4) High School Production:

                     -Going into 9th and after your senior year

5) College Production:

                      -Going into college

6) Voice Classes for All Students 

                      -All ages

7) Bright Stars 

                      -SPECIAL NEEDS PROGRAM

8) Improv Troupe

                      -12-17 age

9) Band Camp

                      -Going into 8th and 12th grade 

10) Lighting Workshop

                     -Free for anyone who wants to do tech