If your night got rained out, its still good for another night. If it is the last night, then there are no refunds.


Cancellation Policy: SHTAP will not make a final decision to cancel a show due to adverse weather conditions until as close to show time as possible on a show night. Cancellation announcements will be posted to social media.  

In the event of a weather cancellation of the show prior to showtime: General Admission ticketholders may use their tickets on any other show night if another show night is available (the tickets are not date specific). Reserved ticket holders may contact Susan at 701-319-0894. 

If the show is cancelled after showtime, but prior to intermission: General admission patrons will be issued a raincheck ticket that may be used on any other performance date. Reserved seating patrons may contact the Susan at 701-319-0894. If the show is canceled at the end of the first act, no rainchecks or reserved seating reassignments will be given.

No refunds will be given in the event of a weather cancellation.